CarFax Bulk Reports – Order up to 40 reports at once

$39.99 $5.99

Processing time: 5 to 45 minutes.

You can enter in up to 40 VIN numbers at once.  Each VIN number should be written in ALL CAPS and have no white spaces.

They should be separated by a line-break (that means each VIN should be on a new line)

For wholesale rate plans please contact us first.

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Buy your Discounted CARFAX Report in BULK !

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How does this service work?
Once your order is completed you will receive a VINTO URL (website link) and a one-time passcode. Go to the URL provided and use the passcode to retrieve a CARFAX report for any VIN number that you want. (You can pre-order multiple passcodes if you do not know the VIN numbers yet. Simply insert a random 17 digit number when ordering)