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Our products and services come with a  complete %100 Guarantee and an easy refund policy.  If you receive an error generating your report or it is delayed beyond  a reasonable time then  we will provide a 100% refund however you must notify us of the problem first.

Any questions regarding your order or  the details of our refund policy should be sent by email to:

  [email protected] 

  or by



Please send us an email and allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Under no circumstances open a payment dispute or charge back otherwise you will be banned from our website. Complaints lead to a negative rating with payment processors and a risk of losing our payment account.  Please be courteous enough to contact us first and let us resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Haven’t received our reply within 24 hours?

Check your junk mail, or message us on telegram instead. We always reply to all emails and messages within 24 hours.

“We always use because it is a cheap, reliable and trusted service!”

- Cars-R-Us Chicago

Enjoy our discounted carfax reports. Do you have a question? Find our contact information below: