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Carfax is the most trusted service among all the available VIN history services however it is also the most expensive. Here is our compiled list of Carfax alternatives. If you are on a tight budget and looking to save on your next VIN report then check out these viable top 5 carfax alternatives for 2021:


Carfax Alternatives – Comparison Table:

Name: COST     Standout Features


39.99 Trusted Brand with 10 000 data points + Provides service maintenance records


$24.99 Direct Carfax competitor. Scoring system+ exclusive auction data + Experian Data.      

Free Provides vehicle sales history, no registration required.   

$9.99 Direct Carfax competitor. Approved by NMVTIS. All critical issues checked.

Free From National Insurance Crime Bureau. Only Tells if the vehicle was ever stolen.


$25 Direct Carfax competitor.  Uses several Data points.


1. AutoCheck

They are a direct competitor and excellent Carfax Alternative. It is cheaper than carfax but provides almost the same data and even more with auction information.  The have bulk offers for 300 vehicles for only $99.99 whereas a single report costs only $24.99. They also provide a free AutoCheck score, which is a bit confusing but can be seen as useful. AutoCheck gives Buyback protection to registered and qualified vehicles. Additionally, it will return a list of comparable cars based on your AutoCheck score. They have a vehicle and a database of cars for sale, too.

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You can have the vehicle history report for free if you want. It offers you vehicle specification, impounds, and towing events, along with vehicle history report. It will also be determined by a similar model, sold, and invoice price. This data doesn’t require registration because it comes from NMVTIS.Also, you will be provided with an inspection checklist to complete a self-inspection. You can examine every aspect of the exterior, including tires, brakes, steering, engine, and suspension. The premium listing includes a vehicle registration look-up, an in-depth best-selling vehicle list, and more. The website has all the premium features free of charge, with no hassles.

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VinAudit is a paid service but comparatively much cheaper than Carfax. They are a direct competitor and excellent Carfax Alternative. They claim to be “One of the most comprehensive US vehicle history reports” and NMVTIS approved. It will provide you with a thorough vehicle inspection report. Burning, flooding, hailstorms, clock tampering, and others In addition, it helps you to prevent the hassle of transferring a vehicle. It offers a free model market value lookup and total ownership cost for 5 years. One vehicle history report that you can download and print will cost you $9.99. It is a comprehensive report and worth the price and seen as a low-cost alternative to purchasing a CarFax report.

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4. VinCheck Lookup from NICB

Using the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VINCheck, vehicle buyers can find out if a vehicle is stolen (non-recovered) or salvaged.  You can perform up to five searches every twenty-four-hour period from the same IP address.  Click “VINCheck” on the eNICB website to order the vin report.  Simply input the VIN of the car you’re interested in.

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5. instaVIN Reports

They are a  direct competitor to CarFax and an ideal Carfax Alternative. The instaVin Reports service charges $25.00 for a full report. They use DMV records, auction records, federal records,  police records,  state records, and insurance records. It is a comprehensive report, although pricier than some others it is seen as a good alternative to CarFax. You can check out a sample report if you are unsure.

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Summary: promotes its vehicle history reports as no-cost alternatives to reports from Carfax and its competitors. AutoCheck offers a free two- or three-digit vehicle history score, which grades a car’s history. provides very similar data compared to carfax, is a direct Carfax competitor but charges only a fraction of the price at $9.99 per report.  Vincheck at NICB will tell you for free if the vehicle was involved in a police report.  instaVIN is newer than the others but is  a direct carfax competitor they provide very similar info for only $25.



So there you have it, our prepared list of Carfax alternatives to assist you!  To obtain a car’s complete history, you must purchase a report. We recommend that you read through the consumer reviews and trustworthy vehicle history partners to choose what is best for you. So, the next time you’re on Craigslist or a website selling a vehicle, ask the seller for the VIN and utilize one of these platforms to avoid the issues that come with buying used cars.  Don’t forget to check our latest offers at!

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