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How much Does a Carfax report Cost?

One Carfax report purchased from costs $44.99 USD, two Reports costs $59.99 ($30.00/report) . and four Reports costs $99.99 ($25.00/report).  A Carfax report provides crucial insights into aspects of your vehicle like structural damage, brake rotor replacement, and tire rotations, which are integral for making informed decisions about a vehicle’s condition. To purchase an official Carfax report at this price you can order directly from on their official website. Car value evaluations and Dealer packages are also discussed in this article.

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    Did Carfax increase their prices in 2024?

    Yes, Carfax increased their prices in 2023 and again in 2024 for both retail customers and dealership monthly subscriptions. Previously the cost of a Carfax report was $39.99 per report, 4 Carfax reports were $59.99 and six reports were $99.99, in 2023 Carfax prices increased to $44.99 USD for a single report, three Reports were $64.99 and five Reports were $99.99. As of 2024 CARFAX prices increased again as follows: one single Carfax price remained at $44.99 USD, however two Reports now costs $59.99 ($30.00/report) and four Reports costs $99.99 ($25.00/report). The minimum bulk offer changed from four reports to two, and for the minimum package the price per report increased from $15/report to $30.00. The maximum package of $99.99 now comes out to $25.00/report when it was previously $16.67 per report.

    NEW Carfax Price List and Packages:

    1 report $44.99
    2 reports$59.99
    4 reports$99.99

    how much does carfax charge dealers?

    Carfax does not advertise the pricing models of their business subscription program publicly. Dealerships may pay $949 a month for a dealership that stocks 250 cars. Comparatively, for a 25-car lot, the price may be $399 per month. Carfax offers several business subscription programs catering to automotive dealerships. In order to get an accurate quote you are required to register and fill out a form on the Carfax for dealers website.  The cost of your monthly carfax subscription will depend on your state , monthly volume, the age of your account, and other factors. Once you have applied for the carfax dealer account a carfax representative will contact you to discuss pricing options. Several dealerships have subscribed to discontinued grandfathered unlimited carfax plans, however, new dealerships have hard limits on the number of vehicles they can list and the number of carfax reports they can access each month.  Carfax monthly subscriptions provide more than simply carfax reports, they also provide several other dealer services and visibility benefits for your dealership such as free listings for all your vehicles on the Carfax website.



    Carfax accepts the following forms of payment:

    • Amazon pay
    • Paypal
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Amex
    • discovery


    CARFAX offers a refund under certain conditions, primarily related to their “Buyback Guarantee” program. However, for specific services, products, or report purchases, the refund policy might differ. Typically Carfax will not refund you without extensive pieces of evidence and several steps with customer service. For more details read the entire terms of service and refund policy on their website.


    Carfax customer service is rated Poor with a score of 1.7 stars with 320 reviews on Trustpilot as of October 30, 2023. There have been many complaints online surrounding carfax scams and poor customer service.

    What’s Your Car Worth?

    The worth of your vehicle is dependent on several factors including the condition, history, current mileage, and geographical location. CarFax History-Based Value is a tool that estimates a vehicle’s worth based on its detailed history. Factors like maintenance records, accident history, and ownership transfers are considered to determine a fair price, essential for both private sellers and buyers.

    Check the Value of your Vehicle according to Carfax:

    Used Car Values and Prices:

    Used car values are influenced by a vehicle’s accident and service history, ownership type (personal, police vehicle, fleet), and maintenance records. CarFax provides updated car values that affect the average price and additional costs in a used car purchase.

    Carfax History-Based value:

    By default, Carfax will determine the value based on the assumption that the vehicle is for retail sale and is in excellent condition. To update the assumptions that affect this vehicle’s value the estimated values will change. We compared the car value range for a 2020 MERCEDES-BENZ GLC 300 based on Excellent condition vs fair condition and Wholesale vs retail.

    The vehicle specifics in our example are:

    2020 MERCEDES-BENZ GLC 300 4MATIC with VIN: WDC0G8EB4LF700958
    Engine: 2.0L Turbo I4 255hp 273ft-lbs
    Drivetrain: AWD
    Fuel: GASOLINE

    By changing the type of sale from Retail to Wholesale and changing the condition from Excellent to fair the value changes from $27,390 to $19,800

    CarFax Values vs. Kelley Blue Book

    CarFax Values, focusing on a vehicle’s specific history, often differ from Kelley Blue Book values, which provide broader market-based valuations. For the example of this 2020 MERCEDES-BENZ GLC 300 KelleyBue Book provides a value between $25,300 to $27,775 for a vehicle in excellent condition and a value of $22,471 to $25,246 if the vehicle is in fair condition. Compared to Carfax this vehicle in excellent condition is valued slightly lower at Kelley Bluebook however Kelley Bluebook provides a higher value for vehicles marked as fair condition.

    Carfax Used Car Index

    The Carfax Used Car Index tracks used car price trends, reflecting changes in average listing prices influenced by factors such as damage history, maintenance history, and vehicle type. This index is vital for understanding current market dynamics and depreciation rates.

    Used Car Price Trends

    Carfax provides insights into used car price trends, considering various factors like minor and major accidents, previous ownership types, and routine maintenance. This information helps predict trends in depreciation and average listing prices.

    How To Get a Free Carfax Report

    Free Carfax reports are sometimes available through certain dealerships or online platforms. These reports, typically valued at $44.99, include essential information such as accident history, service records, and ownership transfers, aiding in making an informed used-car purchase decision.

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    Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions with Carfax

    A Carfax report is a valuable tool in the automotive industry for making informed decisions. It offers a wealth of information, enabling consumers to evaluate various aspects of a vehicle’s past, from minor accidents to major damages, service histories, and more.