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The Best Carfax Discounts or Coupons FOR 2024

Here are the best carfax discounts available in 2024. Searching online for Discounts and coupons led to a lot of fake or expired deals however we did manage to compile a list of verified deals and coupons. These deals range from only $3.50 per report to a meager 10% discount off the regular price of $39.99 USD. also offers bundles when you purchase several reports upfront.

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    The good news is that it is still possible to get a discount on a report in 2024.  We have searched for all the available options and summarized all the carfax deals in the table below.

    Carfax Coupons Table:

    $5.99 when using coupon code: cheapcarfax
    Members5 Reports for $99.99.
    DontpayfullCouponUse coupon code: 8001292 for membership only
    10% Discount
    CostcoMembers10% off Military Discount with coupon
    RedditLinkLink to 3rd party site-
    Carfax Military Discount Redirect
    10% off military Discount with coupon
    EbayOfferRegular Purchase

    Ebay Carfax

    Buying Ebay Carfax Reports

    eBay used to be a reliable option to buy genuine reports for cheap. The old eBay sellers are now gone or banned. eBay carfax reports no longer exist as eBay does not allow people to resell VIN reports on their platform anymore.

    Example of an eBay Listing from 2019:

    carfax discount

    eBay VIN check

    eBay used to also offer alternative VIN checks from and other brands but unfortunately, these also are no longer available on eBay either.

    A search on for carfax report returned 0 results.

    ebay carfax deal

    Military Discounts

    Military Discount

    Some websites, such as were claiming to offer a 10% discount to military and veterans. After clicking on 3 different pages, we were redirected to the carfax website however no discount appeared on the checkout. This deal is either expired or dead.


    After clicking ” Get Codes” we were redirected to the official website but no discount was applied at checkout. It is no longer available.

    Carfax Discount Costco

    We could not find any current Costco discount. Costco is famous for having great deals however they come at the cost of purchasing an annual membership which ranges in pricing. Costco Membership costs  $60.00 for the Annual membership fee ( For Business membership or Gold Star Membership) and up to  $120.00 annual fee for the Executive Membership. They do have an auto program service that is offered to all members however I was not able to find the mention of carfax anywhere. It seems like they are no longer offering any related discounts.

    Carfax on Reddit

    Buying Cheap Carfax Reports on Reddit

    Reddit is a place that people trust to find deals from real users. It’s a place people often search when looking for a genuine offer or review.  It seems 4 years ago there were some legitimate people on Reddit selling reports at discounted prices. However, when searching Reddit in 2024, all the recommendations have links that are no longer valid. I couldn’t find a single deal on Reddit, not even in the popular deal subreddit known as  /r/Redditbay.  It appears  /r/Redditbay  was banned last year as the page says:

    “Currently closed due to blatant disregard for the rules. We may re-open at a later time with a restructuring of the subreddit.”

    Reddit $5 Report

    Apparently, as late as 2018 it was still possible to get reports for only $5 on Reddit. This no longer exists, unfortunately. There are still some offers for free vin checks on Reddit, however, these free vin checks are offered by another company and are not considered to be as reliable. According to many Reddit users: “critical information is often excluded such as liens”.
    reddit cheap carfax  Deal $5.99  w/ $2 Off Coupon

    However, it is still possible to get a good deal on a report in 2024 by using coupon code “cheapcarfax”. With this coupon you can  pay only $5.99 USD per report. Even the regular price of $7.99 is a great offer.  This offer is only valid at using the following link:

    $3.50 wholesale / Bulk offer

    Only $3.50 per report when buying in bulk.

    If you buy a lot of reports then this is the best offer.  Buy 500 reports upfront for  $1750 which comes out to only $3.50 per report. You don’t have to redeem all the reports at once. You have a full year or 12 months to do so.  If you regularly use about 40 reports per month or 1 or 2 every day then this is the best discount possible. You can check out the offer on the unlimited carfax  page.

    Carfax Price

    How Much do Carfax reports normally cost?

    When buying directly from, The cost of one Carfax report One Report is now $44.99, three Reports is $64.99. and five Reports is $99.99. To get this discount you can order the deal directly from on their official website using this link: If you are looking for a better offer, then see our recommendations mentioned above.

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