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carfax customer service number


What is Carfax phone number in the USA?

Carfax Phone number in the USA is (703) 934-2664

What is Carfax phone number in Europe?

Carfax Phone number in Europe (Germany) is +498 954 045 6620

What is Carfax’s email address for customer service general inquiries?

Carfax email address for customer general inquiries is: [email protected]

What is Carfax email address for reporting errors in a report?

Carfax email for reporting errors in a report is: [email protected] . You must also fill out this form to report errors in a carfax report for a vehicle that you own:

What is CarFax’s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number?

Carfax does not have a Toll-Free 800 number for the USA

What is Carfax customer service phone number in Canada?

Carfax customer service phone number in Canada is 1-866-835-8612

What is Carfax email address for Jobs/ Careers?

For Carrier or jobs with Carfax via email: [email protected]

What is Carfax Fax number?

Carfax fax number is 866-728-6455

What is the best way to contact Carfax?

The best way to contact Carfax is through their website online form found at:

What is the Carfax Corporate Office address?

Carfax Corporate Office address is:
5860 Trinity Parkway Suite 600
Centreville, Virginia 20120
United States

What are Carfax’s Operational Hours for Customer Assistance

Carfax Operational Hours for Customer Assistance are from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, Monday to Thursday, and 8 AM to 6 PM EST on Fridays.

Reach Out to Carfax Support via Official Channels

Need to connect with Carfax’s customer service? It’s easy through their official website. Use the contact form in the “Contact Us” section for any inquiries or issues. Carfax’s dedicated team is available Monday through Friday and typically responds within a couple of days.

Prefer email? Drop a message at [email protected]. For fax communications, Carfax’s fax number is 1-866-728-6455. Remember to include essential details like your name, contact info, and specific query for a prompt and efficient reply.

Carfax’s Approach to Customer Service

Carfax USA prioritizes email-based customer support, focusing on providing detailed assistance through [email protected]. While they don’t have a direct contact number, their email support is staffed with experts ready to help with your vehicle history reports and other services.

Carfax Operational Hours for Customer Assistance

Carfax ensures excellent customer service availability. Operating hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, Monday to Thursday, and 8 AM to 6 PM EST on Fridays. This schedule caters to diverse customer needs, making it convenient to get help with Carfax’s comprehensive vehicle services.

Contact Carfax

  • Overview: Carfax provides multiple contact options for customer support.
  • Phone Numbers: Carfax offers various contact numbers for immediate assistance.
  • Email Address: You can reach Carfax electronically via [email protected].
  • Mailing Address: Physical correspondence with Carfax is possible.

Carfax Help Center

  • Essential Information: Carfax’s Help Center addresses fundamental support queries.
  • FAQ: The FAQ section covers common questions and answers.
  • Discussion Forum: Engage with the Carfax community through the forum.
  • User Account Management: Learn how to manage your personal Carfax account effectively.

Carfax Products and Services

  • Services Overview: Carfax offers a wide range of services.
  • Pricing and Charges: Details about costs and payment options.
  • Request a Service: Learn how to avail Carfax’s services.
  • Service Cancellation: Discover the procedure for discontinuing Carfax services.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Delivery Process: Carfax follows specific protocols for shipping.
  • Tracking Your Order: Stay updated on the status of your delivery.
  • Shipping Issues: Solutions are available for resolving delivery complications.

Payment and Billing

  • Payment Methods: Explore various payment options for Carfax services.
  • Billing Inquiries: Get assistance with billing-related concerns.
  • Refund Policy: Understand Carfax’s refund procedures.

Warranty and Guarantee

  • Coverage Information: Find out what’s included in Carfax’s warranty.
  • Claim Process: Learn how to make a warranty claim with Carfax.
  • Guarantee Details: Understand the Carfax Guarantee.

Technical Support

  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot technical issues with guidance from Carfax.
  • Online Support: Access digital assistance from Carfax.
  • Software Updates: Keep your Carfax services up-to-date with software updates.

Privacy and Security

  • Privacy Policy: Carfax prioritizes the protection of personal information.
  • Security Protocols: Discover Carfax’s robust data security measures.
  • Report a Concern: Learn how to report privacy or security issues to Carfax.

Feedback and Reviews

  • Submit Feedback: Share your experiences and feedback with Carfax.
  • Review Policy: Familiarize yourself with Carfax’s guidelines for leaving reviews.
  • Responding to Reviews: Understand how Carfax approaches customer feedback.

Corporate Information

  • About Carfax: Gain insights into Carfax’s history and mission.
  • Investor Relations: Access financial and investor-related information.
  • Careers at Carfax: Explore job opportunities and openings at Carfax.
  • Press and Media: Find media resources and contact information related to Carfax.