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Carfax Motorcycles

Do you use Carfax when looking at bikes?

I always do and have found some great bikes (and cars) as a result, as well as avoided some lemons.

Additionally, it is important to perform your own mechanical assessment, followed by a test ride.

Have you used Carfax to research potential motorcycle purchases?

After a major accident, a car or bike will almost always have bodywork done to make it look new again, so carfax is useful for determining whether or not major work has been done. When it comes to motorcycles, if there’s a major accident, it’s usually just totaled, or has a bent frame and won’t have a clean title if it’s rebuilt. All of the accidents in which the owners simply replaced the broken/scratched parts are unlikely to appear on carfax.

It should also be noted that a carfax report on a motorcycle has fewer records and lower chances of it revealing anything that you wouldn’t notice by looking at the bike.