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carfax motorcycle report for kawasaki ninja

Carfax Motorcycles

Do you use Carfax when looking at bikes?

We recommend checking the carfax report when purchasing a bike and have found some great bikes (and cars) as a result, as well as avoided some lemons. Additionally, before committing to buying a bike it is important to perform a detailed visual inspection and mechanical assessment, followed by a test ride.

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    Does Carfax even do motorcycle reports?

    Carfax does in theory do motorcycle reports, since every motorcycle has a vin number you would do a carfax lookup for your bike in the same way you would for a car however you may notice that some bikes do not have any records available and generally bikes have fewer maintenance records or accidents reports in the database.sss

    What information will you find in a carfax report for motorcycles?

    For bike / motorcycle carfax reports, you will typically only find registration dates, odometer readings, major accidents, and rebuilt title declarations. There may not be any maintenance or minor damage reports for bikes. It may seem too costly to spend $44.95 for a bike carfax report with limited information however buying a discounted carfax report like the ones we offer for a fraction of the price has value. If the motorcycle is a total loss and has a salvage title, shows major accidents then in this case the report would prove to be highly valuable. It should also be noted that a carfax report on a motorcycle has fewer records and lower chances of revealing anything you wouldn’t notice by looking at the bike.

    I have used Carfax to research motorcycles before buying. After a major accident, a car or bike will almost always have bodywork done to make it look new again, so carfax is useful for determining whether or not major work has been done. When it comes to motorcycles, if there’s a major accident, it’s usually just totaled, or has a bent frame and won’t have a clean title if it’s rebuilt. All of the accidents in which the owners replaced the broken/scratched parts are unlikely to appear on Carfax.

    Often there are zero carfax records for the motorcycle, in that case, a good alternative option is to get the autocheck report instead.

    Compare side by side a Carfax vs Autocheck vehicle report for motorcycleS –

    Sample BIKE Autocheck & Carfax reports for a 2015 YAMAHA WR250RC with VIN JYADG21Y0FA001645

    Autocheck reports for Bikes

    Autocheck like Carfax also produce vehicle reports for motorcycles. You may often find that the bike autocheck reports contain more records then the Carfax reports.

    Sample Autocheck motorcycle report 2002 Yamaha V Star Silverado :

    Sample Autocheck motorcycle report for 2017 Triumph Daytona 675R


    Utilizing Carfax or AutoCheck reports can significantly enhance the process of purchasing a motorcycle by providing vital historical information about the vehicle. While it’s true that motorcycles may have fewer records available in these databases compared to cars, the value of accessing major accident reports, registration dates, odometer readings, and title declarations cannot be overstated. This information not only aids in avoiding potential lemons but also in making an informed decision about the overall condition and worth of the bike. However, it’s essential to remember that these reports should not be the sole factor in your decision-making process. A thorough visual inspection, mechanical assessment, and test ride remain crucial steps in evaluating a motorcycle’s condition and ensuring that you make a wise investment. Whether you opt for Carfax, our discounted reports, or AutoCheck, the goal is to gather as much information as possible to make an informed purchase, ensuring you enjoy your ride with peace of mind knowing the history of your bike.